"It's kind of FUN to do the IMPOSSIBLE."

Growing up on both coasts, in LA LA LAND and the NYC THEATRE DISTRICT... with a dad in DISNEY IMAGINEERING and uncle who was Broadway Editor for THE NY TIMES, Kat was immersed in 2 vastly diverse cultures- but realized early on: BOTH relied on the power of the written word... the Imagination... the VOICE to create and ‘DO THE IMPOSSIBLE’!

Her passion for words led to a scholarship at UC BERKELEY a CUM LAUDE degree in Shakespeare (highly practical!), an apprenticeship at A.C.T. and Berkeley Shakespeare Rep... and taking a detour as a literary agent at the legendary WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY, repp’ing playwrights (and transitioning them to screenwriting!)… before her years of Theatre and Improv compelled her to dive into On-Camera.

Right place, right time: Kat immediately began booking- Guest Starring opposite both Dick Van Dyke AND Angela Lansbury in their respective hit TV Series, various 90’s sitcoms (spot her on re-runs!)- AND a recurring character on the Sci-Fi cult classic Babylon 5!

Ironically, it was while Guest Starring opposite Shakespeare legend MICHAEL YORK (“Tybalt” in Zefferelli’s ROMEO AND JULIET!), that Mr. York convinced her to try her hand (or voice!) in a VO Workshop... and she never looked back!


Neuman TLM103 and Sennheiser MKE 600 * Scarlett Focusrite 3rd Gen
ProTools 2022*4 * Source Connect Pro * ISDN * and YES... even Phone Patch!