Kat Cressida

Promo Credits
Promos PBS   Julia Childs 50th Birthday Special
Narration LOGO TV   "The Set-Up Squad"
  NBC Sports, Versus   Professional Bull Riders Broadcasts
  Professional Bull Riders Network   Live Rodeo Events, Nationwide
Sizzle Reel Stone Entertainment   "Dear Abby" Reality Show
Promos Warner Bros. Entertainment   "Judge Pirro"
  B2 Studios/ SoapNet   "All My Children"
  ABC - New Wave Media   "Grey's Anatomy" Syndication
  MTV Films   Radio Trailer for "Dance Flick"
  Disney.com   Mary Poppins, The Musical
  Disney Travel Channel   Miley Cyrus Sweet 16
  Disney   High School Musical 3: Senior Year!
  WB Television & WB Online   "Blue Water High"
  ESPN   Heard daily as Announcer for "Pardon The Interruption"
  SchoolHouse Rock: The Election Collection   DVD for Walt Disney Studios
  FUSE TV   Billboards for "The Sauce"
Narration Walt Disney World - New Media & On Line   Walt Disney World Resorts
  NBC Daytime   "Ellen"
  CBS Daytime   "The Tyra Banks Show"
  FOX   "House", "Bones", "'Till Death"
Promos A & E   "CSI: Miami"
  F/X   F/X "Flight of the Phoenix", "Rescue Me", "Nip/Tuck", "The Shield" / Emmys, Imaging and Branding
Promos Logo Promos and Trailers:   "Writers Block"
Theatrical Trailers Paramount Pictures   "Stardust": Voicematch for Claire Danes
  Lifetime   "Side Order of Life"/ Warner Bros. Worldwide
  PBS Kids!   "News Flash Five!"
Promos, Sizzles Disney Online / Walt Disney Studios   Industrials Narrator
Promos ESPN   "Cold Pizza" and "Quite Frankly w/ Stephen A. Smith"; various event promos including "World Figure Skating Championships" and "U.S. Open: Women"
  Walt Disney Cruises:   OnBoard Broadcast; Narrator: Walt Disney Studios
  Disney Channel   Playhouse Disney's "Sing-A-Song", "Kim Possible", "Secret Lab", "Lizzie McGuire", "That's So Raven!" GameBoy Sizzles
Promos and Sizzles The CW's KidsBlock   Creative Asylum
Voicematch “Charlotte’s Web” TV & Radio Trailers    Voicematch for Julia Roberts/Paramount Pictures
  "Game Tap News"  

Announcer - Game Tap/Turner  Studios

  The New CW  

“Smallville”, “Supernatural”, “Sex and the City”

  AMC   Announcer for "AMC MovieWatchers" - The Weinstein
  DIY Network   "Craft Lab", "Uncommon Threads"
  HGTV   "Curb Appeal", "Designers  Challenge", "Wall To Wall Weekends", "Love Shack", "Top Ten  Most Romantic...", "Love Shack Week", Imaging/Branding
  "Mission Impossible 3" Trailers   (Computer Voice)  - Buddha Jones Trailers/Paramount Pictures
  Disney/ABC Entertainment   "Celebrity Year-End", Hosted by Bob Iger. Live at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood
  Playhouse Disney   "Playhouse Disney's Sing-A-Song".
  ESPN   "Cold Pizza", Female Promo Voice of "Pardon The Interruption" Weekly Billboards 2003, "Closed Captioning" for various Sports Events
Voicematch "Bewitched": Theatre & TV Trailers   Voicematch for Nicole Kidman / Paramount Pictures
Promos Starz/Encore Networks   Starz Kids & Family, Starz Cinema, and Starz Edge
  G4 Media   "CyberBabe Awards"
  Oxygen Network   "SNAPPED!", "Movie Club", "Pop Secret Pop Trivia", "Feature Fridays"' various MOW's
  BRAVO   "Man Hunt"
  FOX   "North Shore", "That 70's Show!", "That 80's Show!", "Ally McBeal", "Opposite Sex", "The Street", "Sexiest Bachelor Alive"
  HGTV   "Curb Appeal", "Designers Challenge", "Wall To Wall Weekends", "Love Shack", "Top Ten Most Romantic...", "Love Shack Week", Imaging/Branding
  Oxygen Network   "SNAPPED!", "Pop Secret Pop Trivia", "Feature Fridays"; various MOW's
  Learfield Sports Radio Network   College Football National Pre and Post Show
  ABC Daytime   "The View"
  Disney Channel   "The Proud Family", "Secret Lab" campaign, "GameBoy Sizzles" campaign
  ABC Cable Networks   "Learning Together" campaign
  CBS   "The Tyra Banks Show", "Yes, Dear", "Hollywood Wives" (MOW), "Baby Bob", "That's Life!", "Danny", "Santa & Pete" (MOW)
  Cartoon Network   "Baby Looney Toons", "Duck Dodgers", "Dexter's Laboratory"
  TV GUIDE CHANNEL   FEMALE VOICE OF TV GUIDE; "The Screening Room", "Music News", "Hollywood Insider"
  F/X   "Nip/Tuck", "Blockbuster Movies", "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "The Shield"/Emmys, Imaging/Branding
  HBO   "America Undercover", "Taxicab Confessions"
  Style/E! Networks   "Style Star", "Glow", "The Look For Less"
  FOX   "That 70's Show!", "That 80's Show!", "Ally McBeal", "Opposite Sex", "The Sreet", "Sexiest Bachelor Alive"
  The WB   "Charmed", "Friends", "Frasier"
  CNN   "Rock the Vote", "CNN Presents"
  Cinemax   "Time Out: Double Feature"
  WE Network   "Spend It Fast!"
  DirecTV   "Behind Legally Blonde", "Legally Blonde"
  Hallmark Int'l.   Announcer: Movies of the Week
  Fox Family Channel   Imaging/Branding
  Soap Net   "Port Charles Marathon"; "One Life To Live" Marathon
  TNT   "Legends of the Fall", James Bond Marathon
  UPN   "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Mad About You"
  TBS SuperStation   "All Movies All Weekend" Marathon
  Walt Disney Home Entertainment   "Disney Baby Baby Games" series/Disney Channel: Host
  CBS Daytime   "As The World Turns", "One Life To Live", "Hollywood Wives" (MOW)
  Playboy Channel   "Nightcalls 411"


WBBM-TV (CBS - Chicago),
KCWE-TV (Kansas City, MO),
WABC-TV (ABC - New York),
KQCA-58 (The New CW - Sacramento),
KUSA-TV (9 NEWS - Denver, CO)
KSTP-TV (ABC, Minneapolis)

*Kat has her own studio which is fully equipped with ISDN, mp3, dat, cd, and ftp capability.